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Since the 1960s, when the sexual revolution began, research into the human sexual sphere has begun all over the world. The year when the contraceptive pill was invented is considered the beginning of this revolution. It opened many doors that had been closed so far. However, the truth is that it all started much earlier. Along with the research by Alfred Kinsey (statistical) and William Masters and Virginia Johnson (behavioral), people's needs were much better understood.

People's sexual desire is no longer a taboo or something embarrassing. The first erotic films, such as Deep Throat, appeared in cinemas. Andy Warhol himself shot a short erotic.

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One of the very important figures in the dissemination of sexuality was Arnold Kegel, who conducted research on the muscles of the pelvic floor. This US gynecologist looked at the problem of urinary incontinence. It was often reported by elderly or pregnant women. Kegel, while reading about Japanese culture, came across a mention of geishas who exercised with special rods with thickenings to improve their sexual pleasure. Kegel noticed that such exercises, in addition to increasing sexual feelings, also strengthen the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, which reduces the risk of urinary incontinence.

Many have been credited with the sexual revolution, but aphrodisiacs appeared much earlier. We already know all kinds of supplements from ancient Egypt, where there were, among others, in the form of exclusive dishes. These foods were supposed to raise libido when consumed by both partners. With the increase in scientific knowledge, they learned to distill these substances and the Spanish fly, also called the spanish fly, was invented. It is an arginine-based dietary supplement suitable for both partners. It promotes the improvement of circulation in the body and makes it easier to enter a charming atmosphere. Just add a few drops to your drink.

Nowadays, libido decreases, and desire does not always go hand in hand with erection. Even the most successful date may not help with erection problems. Many studies have confirmed that erectile dysfunction is often based on the slow synthesis of testosterone and androgens. Health problems may be other reasons. The blue tablet was a real revolution. The introduction of supplements of this type to the market has helped many men overcome erectile dysfunction. The latest preparations, such as Boss tablets, allow for even more precise adjustment of the erection length, without the need to change the dose.

Low libido is undoubtedly a common problem, but sometimes the problem is also too high. It can cause premature ejaculation. Ending the amorous frolics too soon may be associated with psychological problems. Hence, the Boss Series Health offer has been extended with a delay gel. Delay gel is a highly concentrated cooling preparation that delays climax. It helps to ensure a satisfactory ending.

Unfortunately, pharmacological solutions have some limitations, for example in the case of people suffering from heart muscle disorders and other diseases with a contraindication to taking pills. Fortunately, also in such situations there is a solution. The Power PUMP pump is a tool that sucks air and creates a vacuum, which stretches the capillaries under the skin. Regular exercise with the device helps to achieve the effect of improving circulation in the erogenous zone and achieving an erection without pills.

In many cases, items that were previously viewed as sex gadgets have fallen into the health category as a medical device. It was similar with the prostate massager, often used in prostate cancer or prostatitis. The massager is a device supporting treatment. Through gentle massage and vibrating movements, it provides more blood to the gland, which relieves pain and helps fight inflammation.